Capp Studio is a strategic branding and web design/development studio based in Montreal. Brewing tomorrows greatest brands.

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Services Offered Services Offered Services Offered
  • Web Design

    Let's find solutions to your challenges, starting with your website. Let's design a site that will blow your viewers minds and make a true impact on your business.

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  • Web Development

    Focusing on the fine detail of the front-end side, we make sure to deliver pixel-perfect sites, all the time. We also offer integration to Craft CMS, WordPress, Shopify...

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  • Branding & Design

    Branding is what sets you apart from the competition. Let’s create logos, business cards, and other print or digital marketing assets that will make your brand stand out.

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  • Photo & Video

    Let’s use video production, motion graphics and photography to ensure that every picture and video associated with your brand is nothing short of amazing.

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My goal is to make the web a better place.

My goal is to make the web a better place.
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